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An Introduction to TailoringIndia Group:

TailoringIndia heartily welcomes you to our 10 years “Investment Return Proposal”. We are a group of Designers with professional tailoring & management Team, where we are providing India’s first reasonable online tailoring services with variety of products at commercial rates.

We have an efficient and experienced fabric & product sourcing team that procures fabric at best rates without compromising on the quality that we have in offering. Our main aim is Customer relation, their trust and retention that could make us a name in market. “Customer is a KING” and we believe this undoubtedly.

Why Should you Invest In TailoringIndia:


  • TailoringIndia is a Surat Gujarat based firm, and Surat is known to be the hub of textile goods. Procuring raw material at unmatchable rates is easier here as compared to other textile markets nationally.
  • We believe in our product and offering and thus we found the year 2020 most appropriate to embark this concept of providing tailoring services online at 5g speed ahead.
  • TailoringIndia consists of qualified experienced team, having worked with various companies and designers of repute for quite a number of years. We are passionate, calm and free-thinking individuals and our complimenting personal & professional pedigree make us even more unique. "We all breathe fabric" and this is the common thread binding us together. Our consistent efforts and enormous knowledge in this domain have helped us establish this online portal where the customers’ dream meets our passion.

Our Unique Selling Points:

  • We are the pioneers in bringing this concept of providing boutique designer garments onto online platform at commercial rates.
  • Our main USP is, we are the first in market to customize the outfit on online platform. We offer enormous fabric collection along with endless color option to our customers to customize their own outfit.
  • We have countless variety of ready-made and unstitched garments in offering.
  • We maintain impeccable quality of products.
  • We Dye for them. Yes you read it right. We are offering fabric dyeing facility to customers. We facilitate In-house dyeing service at economical rates.
  • We are a Government Registered and Authorized Brand.
  • We already have an Android & IOS Application in place.
  • We have ensured easy navigation on our website for the ease of customers.
  • By subscribing to our News Letter, you will be updated with our new style additions, collection and daily fashion news.


Our Vision:


  • TailoringIndia has come up with a new concept of customizing the garment online and our aim to become a name in the garment manufacturing industry in India.
  •  In the next 10 years down the line, we aim at reaching out to 2000 online orders per day.
  • We are determined to become a digital fabric manufacturer firm in Polyester 20- M/C & Cotton in 5 M/C. With our USP of accommodating dyeing unit to dye huge quantities of raw fabric.
  • We wish to create 1500 employments in next 10 years under the roof of TailoringIndia.
  • Our anticipated monthly growth chart is as given below:




Anticipated Growth per


Anticipated Average daily


Anticipated Average Monthly Income

Anticipated Growth in stock/raw material

Anticipated Growth in manpower

Anticipated Growth in infrastructure

Anticipated Investors income in Rs. per month (0.1% of total Sales)

By the end of 1st  year

100 orders
per day

20 lacs

Only Dyed fabric


+ accessories

Up to 50 employees

Office arrangement

Rs. 2000

By the end of 2nd year

250 orders
per day

50 lac

+ Dyed fabric

+ out sourced printed fabric

Up to 120 employees

Production set up

Rs. 5000

By the end of 3rd  year

400 Orders
per day

1.2 cr

In - house dyeing fabric


Up to 220

Big floor infrastructure

Rs. 12000

By the end of 4th  year

600 orders
per day

1.6 cr


Supply chain set up for printing

Up to 350 employees

Production planning

with machinery set up

Rs. 16000

By the end of 5th  year

850 orders
per day

2.4 cr


Printing lab set            up +

cotton print

Up to 500 employees

New addition in machinery set up

Rs. 24000

By the end of 6th  year

1000 orders
per day

3 cr

Own catalog manufacturing

Up to 700 employees

Own garment

house plan


By the end of 7th  year

1300 orders
per day

3.8 cr

+ Raw fabric

manufacturing set up

Up to 950 employees

Plan for new

delivery supply chain


By the end of 8th  year

1600 orders
per day

4.6 cr

+          Increase

supply chain of raw fabric

Up to

1200 employees

Own currier

Delivery set up


By the end of 9th  year

2000 orders
per day

6 cr

+ in house accessories


Up to

1500 employees

Pan India Delivery

supply chain



How Investment Return Proposal Works:

TailoringIndia is a startup and in its learning phase. We are solely relying upon the Investment Payments that we shall receive from Digital/Social media Platform through Influencers, Youtubers and Fashion Bloggers at Facebook, Instagram & twitter. We are offering you a platform where both our investors & TailoringIndia team will work together to ensure maximum returns.

Let’s understand our working style:

  • We wish to remain loyal & transparent with our investors and thus we will be sharing our “Admin Panel Dashboard” access to our investors so that they could have an access to our daily operations and sales on the website.
  • Investors   will be able to monitor daily sales, number of live Customers on the website, traffic Rate which will ensure transparency to our sales and income.
  • We shall give our investors an access to company’s whatsapp group wherein we shall be sharing daily sales figures. This group shall also be used for sharing and resolving investors’ queries.


  • We are open to receive feedbacks and ideas from our influencers to ensure growth in right directions. We aim at resolving issues amicably so that it does not hamper trust of any party.
  • The sole reason of us to choose influencers to promote our brand is, trust factor. Audiences/viewers believe in you and they go by your words and so do we. Our only motto is to spread our Brand name “TailoringIndia” through a trustworthy medium which only an influencer could provide.
  • TailoringIndia is an open sales platform wherein both the company as well as the investor will earn profits proportionately.
  • Once an influencer becomes a part of TailoringIndia team, our team shall monitor their activity in terms of brand promotion and the influencer shall be liable to receive a 10% extra profit apart from their monthly return on investment.
  • We expect our Influencers to broadcast at least 2 promotional short activities monthly for our brand promotion.
  • In the event the Influencer is unable to meet the company’s expectations, a 10% deduction shall incur from the Influencer’s next month returns, as a company policy. If the influencer fails to comply with this policy for consecutive 3 months then the company is liable to deduct 20% and for 4 consecutive months respectively 30% shall be deducted from the monthly return.
  • Our accounts team has been instructed to transfer timely payments to our investors against the website monthly sales. Any delay shall be strictly considered.

Investment plan:


  • TailoringIndia is all set to embark its journey in the world of E-commerce with its fully functional website, mobile application along with numerous quantities of fabrics and customized garment designs in offering.
  • In order for us to start this venture all we are looking at is small investments from our investors to hire more man power and latest machinery for better productivity.
  • Initially our company’s net asset value has been calculated as 80 lacs.
  • To be part of TailoringIndia group our influencers must purchase at least 1% of the company’s share to acquire an accessibility of company’s admin panel.
  • This 1% share is equivalent to our website’s monthly sales of 0.1%, which is equivalent to monthly earnings of investors according to share purchased. For example if an investor buys 8 shares of Tailoring India, investor will get a monthly profit of 0.8% of the total website sales. This shall continue for the successive months and so on for the next 10 years.
  • The TailoringIndia Company’s value shall increase as and when the investors shall start investing money in our venture along with 20% of the monthly website sales being added to the same. For an example if an investor initially purchases 5 shares i;e 4 lacs of (80 lacs) plus the website anticipated monthly sales of Rs. 2 lacs then the company’s new value shall be calculated as - 80 lacs + 4 lacs + 40k = 84,4000/- inr.
  • To become a part of TailoringIndia our new investor has to invest a minimum of Rs. 84,400 which is 1% of the company’s share.
  • TailoringIndia shall always remain transparent with its investors for any increase in the company’s value.
  • The investor is liable to sign an agreement bond paper with Tailoring India with a validity period of 10 years. After the completion of this 10 years agreement, TailoringIndia shall refund the complete investment of the investor done so far.
  • Our investors can renew their agreement by investing more into the company keeping in mind the company’s total value at that time.
  • All documentation shall be done under the Judiciary of Surat district court, Gujarat.
  • As per the company’s policy, the Investor cannot withdraw their invested amount before the completion of 10 years of signed agreement. Therefore, we would humbly request our investors to please read the offer document carefully before investing in our venture.
  • While we assure you that your money will remain safe with TailoringIndia, under circumstances beyond our control like accidents, natural calamities earthquakes, natural disasters, pandemic, fire, we would expect our investors to cooperate with us and stand with us in order to recover the loss, according to their invested shares in the company that they hold.